MicroLink Technique

The MicroLink technique is highly recommended for those that are growing their hair, would like fullness, body or length. Most importantly MicroLink method does not require any heat, glue, keratin bonds, braiding or sewing on the hair! no damage done to your own hair, it is the very best method if done right!

I say this because of many years of experience, many of my clients who have previously went to other salons that have also used the microlink method do so but do not have the knowledge or expertise or the technique down as well as I use specific sized copper tubes and silicone lining and that by far makes all the difference in the world.

It saves your hair, you can use heat, it prevents slippage and gives your own hair an extra layer of protection. Micro-Link hair extensions are the perfect hair extension technique if you are growing your hair and want the look of natural long hair rather than having the look of a noticeable wig or weave. This method typically includes 125-200 strands per head. I’m very practiced and very polished and you too shall be! Contact me now to schedule your consult for the beautiful new YOU!